About Us

Mentored by Mr. V.K Jain, the honorable president of the company.

JnJ group has been significant accomplishment during its regin and is expanding substantially. Majoring in Retail industry since 35 years.

The company comprises of various entities:

J'n' Jeens mall situated at Gandhi Chowk, Upper Bazar, Ranchi, was inaugurated on 1980, was the first jeans selling outlet in the city. On date is one of the most renowned multistoried shopping mart in the city.

J'n'J group sponsors a charitable trust, Namely - Shree Digambar Jain Mumukshu Mahila Ashram, which is located in Karoli district of Rajasthan. The trust constitutes of a old age home and jain temple. Located near bharatpur bird sanctuary. SDJMM is among the favorites of the local tourists.

jain aviation

Jain Marriage Garden located near ITI bus terminal area, Ratu is buit in 1.5 acres of vast land. Its recently built cottage house rooms are delight. Currently running with one marriage hall the entity looks to expand it to three in the near future.

"JAIN AVIATION INTERNATIONAL" is one of the first aviation institute of Jharkhand . It has its operational manager as Capt. NIPUN JAIN who himself is a certified pilot. The firm was established in February 2010. It is located in J'N' Jeens complex Ranchi. The key role of the company is to provide a platform to create awareness about the various career options in aviation sector. Further to forward them in hands of top rated training organizations around the globe. Additional facilities such as Medical Approvals, Visa assistance, Loan Assistance, Soft Skills Training, Career Counseling are provided here.

Jain Aviation has a very high success rate as more than 80% of its students are working in reputed airlines.

jain aviation

Our Services

  • Aviation Consultants
  • Pilot Training Facility
  • Air Charter
  • Tourism Management Courses
  • Class I/II Medicals
  • FAA Test Center
  • Cessna Pilot Center
  • DGCA Ground Classes
  • Documentation & Licensing
  • Aviation Books and Supply
  • Bank Finance
  • Job Assistance